Pokémon GO: Easter Event

I bring eggsciting news for you all today, as Niantic have just launched its Easter event for Pokemon Go!

FYI – The Easter Event will last for only seven days, starting from the 13th of April and sadly ending on the 20th of April.

Naturally, eggs are the main focal point in this Easter event, and eggs equate to walking, so you’d best not be adverse to exercise if you want to make the most of Pokemon Go’s new Easter event.

What to look out for!?

For your hard walking — Players will be rewarded with a greater variety of Pokemon in 2-kilometer eggs, oppose to just Pidgeys and Zubats (Yawn), we may actually have the opportunity to hatch the elusive Togepi.

For those with a sweet tooth — Players will be earning more candy than usual when hatching their Pokemon Easter eggs, giving players the opportunity to rack up rare and hard-to-find candy.

For those who want power — Extra EXP points will be rewarded during the duration of the event. EXP can be gathered by catching Pokemon, hatching eggs and battling gyms, so if you’re wanting to be the very best, this Easter event may be what you’ve been waiting for.

What are you waiting for? Get out and get festive!


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