Create Your Very Own RPG with RPG Maker FES!

Those, like myself, who cannot get enough of RPG games should be excited for the new Nintendo 3DS title launching this summer, which will give players the opportunity to create their very own RPG titles!

RPG Maker FES enables users to create their own RPG story, and then share their creations with the rest of the world for free.

Players need no programming or game development experience when it comes to creating their own RPG in RPG Maker FES, as it’s said to be simple, even for complete beginners to use.

Players are able to customise a number of RPG elements within the title, from the game’s overall genre, world appearance, main protagonists, weapons, armour, accessories and even the RPG antagonists. There is really nothing players can’t customise in RPG FES Maker.

For now, its looks as if RPG Maker FES will only be available for download via the Nintendo eShop. However, whether or not RPG FES Maker will be a physical title is still a question unanswered.

Despite the title being soon to release, there is still little information about the mechanics of RPG Maker FES. I guess it’s just something we’ll have to figure out come its release this summer.

Those who dream of becoming game developers or those who are RPG fanatics should definitely download themselves a copy of RPG FES Maker. Plus, it’s nice to know that Nintendo is answering our childhood dreams.


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