Fear No More, The Nintendo Switch Shortage is Coming to an End?

Nintendo’s newest home console, the Nintendo Switch was officially launched worldwide on the 3rd of March 2017. However, Nintendo hadn’t sufficiently forecasted the initial sales of the Switch, therefore, for retailers, the Switch was sold out in a matter of days prior to its initial launch.

Annoyingly enough, those (like myself) who were too slow to their local game retailer and/or didn’t see the benefit of preordering the console, lost out on getting their hands on the Switch at launch. Therefore, it is a relief to know that new consoles will be on their way to retailers shortly.

Only 2 million consoles were produced for the initial launch, which took place on the 3rd of March 2017. However, Nintendo has plans to produce a staggering 10 million more consoles to overcome the issue of supply shortages.

North America, Europe and Japan have all been facing shortages of the console since its release in early March. A production of 10 million more consoles will temporarily overcome issues of supply. However, Nintendo ought to think about upping its unit production if it intends to compete with Nintendo Wii sales before the year is up.

On another note – The initial sales of the Nintendo Switch have been promising.

GameStop’s Senior Director of Merchandising, Eric Bright, expressed on Game Rant: “The Nintendo Switch is off to a start right now that it could possibly eclipse the [Nintendo] Wii”.

“Initial sales on this have been phenomenal. I can’t give straight numbers, but I can say we’re seeing one of the highest attach rates of software and accessories to a device that we’ve seen in a long time,” Bright explained.

Hopes to exceed the 100+ million sales of the Nintendo Wii may be dashed due to the issue of supply/demand. Whereas, fans are becoming more and more disgruntled at the fact that Nintendo Switch supplies are scarce.

Fans are becoming more and more disgruntled at the fact that Nintendo Switch supplies are scarce. Many fans haven taken to social media to express their frustrations over the Nintendo Switch shortages.

For those who are wanting to get their hands on the Switch, retailers are urging people to act fast. As shortages are inevitable until the restock of consoles taking place sometime soon.

Have you managed to get your hands on the Nintendo Switch? Let me know in the comments section below. 


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