Animal Crossing’s New Mobile App Coming Soon!

I wrote an extensive review about Animal Crossing in my top 5 Nintendo DS games. For more information about the game’s mechanics please read here before continuing.

Animal Crossing is a Nintendo published real-time simulation game that was originally released exclusively in Japan on the Nintendo 64 in 2001.

A year on from the game’s exclusive Japanese release, Nintendo made an executive decision to make Animal Crossing available in both European and North American markets. Thus, before it’s Western launch, Animal Crossing received a well-needed facelift, which included both graphic and playstyle enhancements more suitable for Western audiences.

Animal Crossing made its way onto the Nintendo GameCube in Europe during 2004. However, the franchise’s popularity didn’t take off until the launch of the Nintendo DS, with the title Animal Crossing: Wild World.

Animal Crossing: Wild Word quickly became the biggest selling game of the entire Animal Crossing franchise, as well as one of the best-selling games on the Nintendo DS itself.

Since Wild World’s official European release in 2006, the company [Nintendo] has gone on to publish four more games within the franchise, as well as a number of mobile applications and spin-off titles.

However, it’s Nintendo’s latest endeavour that has all fans of the well-loved franchise talking and salivating.

Nintendo is set to release a mobile application, which some assume may follow similar mechanics to Pokemon GO, set in the loveable world of Animal Crossing. This news was initially announced in 2016, however, little information had been provided at the time about just how this new application would work.

Nintendo is keeping very hush-hush about its new app. However, lucky for us, information regarding the Animal Crossing app is slowly coming to light, and we can put together piece by piece just how the app will work and look like.

Firstly, it’s safe to assume that the app’s in-game mechanics will follow those of the previous games within the franchise. We will take control of our villager as he or she explores the Animal Crossing world (in real-time) making friends, hunting bugs, collecting furniture, fishing and so on.

Features we can expect within the app:

  • The Animal Crossing App will be free to download – Much like Pokemon GO, the Animal Crossing app will be free to play via our smartphones.
  • Available for Android and iOS – No one is going to be left out as the app will be available for both Android and iOS devices, however, it is not yet known whether the app will be compatible with those using Windows OS.
  •  Available in-app Purchases – Like Pokemon Go, the Animal Crossing app will have available in-app purchases for the purpose of enhancing overall gameplay. Whether these in-app purchases will be familiar furniture, clothes or accessories found within the games is still up for question, however, it may be safe to assume so. In-app purchases are not necessary, however, the option is there for those who like to splash their cash on exclusive items.
  • Social Media – It is rumoured that FaceBook can be used alongside the Animal Crossing app to link up with friends and/or visit other’s towns. However, whether we can do that with other social networking sites such as Twitter, is still up in the air.

We can expect to see the Animal Crossing App available via the app store before the year is up. Being a fan of the Animal Crossing franchise, I for one, cannot wait to get my hands on this new game and will be following it until its official release sometime this year.

I just hope it is out in time for Summer!



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