Nintendo Switch: Confirmed Indie (Nindie) Title Lineup

Nintendo via their YouTube channel just released a video showcasing some indie, or as they like to put it ‘Nindie’, titles available to play on the Nintendo Switch come March 3rd.

All indie titles showcased within the video are said to be released this year. However, their official release dates are yet to be confirmed.

Check out the Nintendo Switch’s official indie lineup below

Whether or not you’re a fan of indie games, you cannot deny the quality lineup coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. I for one was happy to see, my personal favourite, Stardew Valley among the confirmed lineup.

Personally, I adore indie titles, as they offer a great escape from often time-demanding mainstream titles, and let us not forget, they are also great fun.

When playing an indie title there is a constant element of surprise, as you never know what to expect. Also, developers working on indie titles have more freedom to explore niche themes and concepts, unlike their mainstream counterparts.

Let me know which indie games are you most looking forward to playing in your Switch?

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2 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch: Confirmed Indie (Nindie) Title Lineup

    1. It has to be Stardew Valley. Even though it’s not a new title, I’m looking forward to play it on the Switch and see how it differs from the PC version. What indie title are you most anticipating?


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