Pokémon GO: My Thoughts and Concerns on Gen 2

New Gen 2 Pokemon were released officially on Friday (Febuary 17th), making today the third day since the release of Gen 2, as well as other exciting features added to the Pokemon Go app.

In my previous Pokemon GO blog, I mentioned the launch of Gen 2 happening within the week. However, that being said, I don’t think anyone expected it to come out so soon! Not that I’m complaining, that is!

After a long hiatus on Pokemon GO, I dusted it off that Friday morning to test out the new features and, of course, bag myself some Gen 2 cuties.

I spent a good few hours that day bagging myself a good amount of Swinubs, Hoothoots and Natus. Just to point out, I cannot be the only one who gets a little giddy seeing silhouettes of new Pokemon, right?

I also managed to hit a number of Pokestops on my journeys to see if I could get my hands on supposedly ‘rare’ evolution items, because who doesn’t want a Steelix?! However, I clearly underestimated Niantic’s use of the word ‘rare’. These evolutions items are almost impossible to find, and after hitting over 50+ Pokestops (don’t judge) they were nowhere to be found…

After 2 days testing out the new features, I think I can provide some solid opinion on how they live up to (my) expectations.


In total 80 new Pokemon were added to the app, so it is safe to assume that this will keep once disinterested players interested. Each individual Pokemon now possess their own ‘unique’ style once encountered.


Before the release of Gen 2, Niantic stated that each individual Pokemon will now possess their own ‘unique’ style once encountered. I can vouch for this statement, as an encounter with an elusive Hoppip left me fuming!  This increase in difficulty when catching Pokemon can be a little annoying when it doesn’t go your way, however, not foreseeing a Pokemon’s encounter style does build up a sense of excitement and anticipation as you’re trying to catch him or her.

Did you hear read that alright? Gendered Pokemon have now been added to the app! I for one am pleased that Niantic has added this feature, as its one step closer to Pokemon breeding, and what is cuter than baby Pokemon? Nothing. It is also nice knowing what gender your Pokemon, caught before the update, are. Right now, I’m rocking with an all-male squad.

Among all this excitement, I do hope Niantic will not forget about Gen 1. I haven’t yet completed my Gen 1 Pokedex, and I am little worried that now, with the release of Gen 2, I won’t get a chance to…


Two new berries were added to the app, to help in the aid of catching Pokemon. The Nanab Berry, and the Pinap Berry (my fave). These two berries have very different effects when used on Pokemon.

The Nanab Berry is somewhat similar to the OG Razz Berry, they both make catching Pokemon easier. However, what makes the Nanab Berry different is that it calms down Pokemon, making them react slower and reducing their evasiveness to thrown Pokeballs.

The Pinap Berry is something that we should have had during Gen 1. Period. When fed to a wild Pokemon who has been successfully captured, it increases the amount of candy gained. Therefore, instead of receiving 3 candies from capturing a Pokemon you (when using a Pinap Berry) will now receive 5! Where was the Pinap Berry a few months ago?!


As mentioned previously, evolution items have been released to the app. There is a total of 5 evolution items to collect to turn your favourite Pokemon into a butt-kicking maniac or just to fill up your Pokedex, I don’t judge.

unnamed (5).jpg

  • The metal coat transforms Onix into Steelix or Scyther into Scizor.
  • The king’s rock transforms Slowpoke into Slowking or Poliwhirl into Politoed.
  • The dragon’s scale transforms Seadra into Kingdra.
  • The sun stone transforms Gloom into Bellossom.
  • The upgrade transforms Porygon into Porygon2.

As you may have noticed all evolution items, for the time being, are for Gen 1 Pokemon only. I have a couple of concerns with this new feature of the app.

  1. The focus on Gen 2 may override the availability of Gen 1 Pokemon, making collecting candies for Gen 1 harder, and in turn, making these evolutions near impossible.
  2. The availability of these evolution items. I spent the last two days scouting 100+ Pokestops for these rare items, but alas, had no luck in actually getting one.


Niantic has added some new trainer customization features to the app. Players now have the choice to change their avatar’s clothing and accessories. Players even have the option to change the colour of items, or even remove them! However, most new features come at a cost.


After browsing through the cash shop the cheapest items I came across were a pair of black framed glasses coming in at 50 Pokecoins, which is pretty pricey considering holding a single gym territory gives only 30 Pokecoins a day. If you were wanting something flashier, you’d be saying farewell to 200+ Pokecoins!


I don’t know about you, but an executive decision to spend 200+ Pokecoins on Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules and Incense makes more sense than on a virtual hat.

Another thing that has been disappointing is that, although we have more freedom to express ourselves through our avatars (although at a price) we are still so limited in what we can customise. I expected to have the option to change our trainer’s hairstyle, at least! As you can sense I am a little a lot disappointed at the new customisation features.

However, I do look forward to seeing what comes next in this update. Stay tuned.


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