My Top 5: Nintendo DS Games

As promised, I will be annually posting my top favourite Nintendo and compatible game titles for all Nintendo manufactured home and handheld consoles.

In today’s spotlight, we have the Nintendo DS.

The Nintendo DS was officially launched in 2005 for the European market and introduced a new and innovative style of handheld gaming, that did not solely rely on traditional (A and B) button controls found on its predecessor (the GameBoy).

The Nintendo DS uniquely came equipped with dual screens, one for visual and the other for interaction. This particular control style was a modern concept at the time for handheld and portable gaming.

The Nintendo DS quickly became the best selling handheld games console to date, selling a total of 154 million units worldwide.

Today, the Nintendo DS still remains the most successful handheld console, in the terms of overall sales figures. Not only was the Nintendo DS at the time, an innovative and thought-provoking console for the handheld gaming industry, but it also set a valuable foundation for future Nintendo innovations (DS lite, DSi, 3DS).

The Nintendo DS franchise has over 1862 titles and many of them are great and memorable games.

Enjoy my top 5 list of Nintendo DS games. There are many great games on the DS and it was difficult to select only 5 to showcase within my blog. However, the titles featured in the list are games that I not only enjoyed playing, but games that I found myself returning to over and over again.

Let me know your favourite Nintendo DS games and any suggestion as to what I could play next!

5. Drawn to Life


THQ’s Drawn to Life is a 2D platforming game set in a colourful universe cursed by a malevolent darkness. You, the protagonist of the story, are given the burden of relieving the cute little town of its bothersome curse.

What I like about THQ’s Drawn to Life is that gives the player the freedom to create their own protagonist, weapons, vehicles and even platforms by using the stylus to draw. Online stencils help players create whoever and whatever they want as their protagonists.


Want to play as Link? No problem. Princess Peach? Done. Donkey Kong? Fine. You can play as any of your favourite characters or even as yourself if you have the time to draw them, that is.

The freedom to create your own heroes and weapons are not the only great aspects of THQ’s Drawn to Life, its plot, although a little cliche, was actually interesting and a lot of fun to play!

4. Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl


It certainly wouldn’t be a top 5 Nintendo DS games list if I were to exclude a title from the beloved Pokemon franchise, now would it?

Like almost all games from the Pokemon series, in Diamond and Pearl, you begin as a newbie Pokemon trainer who is determined to show the world that you have what it takes to be the very best.


The reason I have chosen Diamond and Pearl as my Pokemon picks for this top 5 Nintendo DS title list, is down to the features the game possessed that were never before seen in any other Pokemon game. Decorative bases, beauty contests and online battling were some new features added to the game.

Not to mention the game featured one of my favourite Gen 4 Pokemon, Torterra!

3. Mystery Detective


Mystery Detective or Touch Detective, as it’s known in the US, is a point and click mystery game for the Nintendo DS.

In the game, you play as wide-eyed female protagonist Mackenzie as she tries to discover who has been stealing her neighbour’s dreams. Sound innocent? Maybe, but I cannot help feel a little uneasy while playing Mystery Detective.


The game’s gothic-esque art style married with its (sometimes) haunting soundtrack can make the overall gaming experience a little eerie. But, who doesn’t love to be creeped out once in a blue moon, right?

Overall, Mystery Detective is a brilliant game. The game’s plot, character development, art style and soundtrack are genius.

That being said, Mystery Detective has to be one of the most underrated Nintendo DS titles ever. Published in Europe by 505 games, Mystery Detective didn’t receive the love it so deserved… And it’s a real shame because it’s a great game.

2. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Dragon Quest IX - Sentinels of the Starry Skies (USA) (En,Fr,Es).jpg

The Dragon Quest franchise is another franchise that will (hopefully) not be going anywhere anytime soon because it’s fantastic, and Dragon Quest IX is no exception.

In Dragon Quest IX players are free to create their very own protagonist, and even create and add party members to assist them in their quests. Players are also able to choose their own protagonist’s and party member’s vocations, where more unique vocation options are also available once unlocked.


The game gives players the opportunity to connect with others via local multiplayer, giving players the option to quest alongside their buddies, which is helpful considering Dragon Quest IX is the most difficult title within the Dragon Quest series.

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies has to be one of my favourite Dragon Quest games EVER. Sticking to the theme of Dragon Quest which we all know and love, the game takes place within a colourful universe, filled with quirky characters. However, players know possess the option to fight bigger and badder villains alongside friends, with hand-made protagonists.

1. Animal Crossing: Wild World


Are you all really that surprised? Animal Crossing: Wild World was the highest selling title in the Animal Crossing franchise, and with good reason too.

I like to describe Animal Crossing as an extreme escape from reality. The feelings that evoke while playing Animal Crossing are those similar to when you’re on a beach during vacation. It’s just relaxing.

The game’s plot is a simple one. Players follow their protagonist as they move from the big city into a remote animal inhabited village. Players must, in a sense, start a new life for their new protagonists.


Players are free to grow trees; make friends with villagers; hunt for fossils; fish; catch bugs; compete in annual events; design clothes; shop for furniture; decorate homes and so on.

What I love about Animal Crossing is that the game syncs to player’s time zones, so when it’s winter in the real world, it’s winter in the game! Townsfolk love to celebrate national holidays like Halloween, Christmas, etc. and players are free to join in with the celebrations whenever they occur.

Animal Crossing: Wild Word, without a doubt, is my favourite game on the Nintendo DS. If you haven’t got around to playing it yet, you really must.



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