Nintendo: A Home Console Infographic

With only 25 days to go until the release of the most anticipated Nintendo Switch, I decided to create an infographic showcasing Nintendo’s home console launches throughout the years. Starting from the 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES) to the Switch, this infographic takes you on a trip into Nintendo’s home console past.

How many of Nintendo’s released home consoles have/do you own(ed)?

The earliest console I can recall ever playing (as a youth) is the Nintendo GameCube, although my Dad does argue that we, in fact, owned a Nintendo 64 (N64) back in the day. Considering I was only a one-year-old during the N64’s release maybe the reason why my memory is so skewed.

That being said, I have managed to play some of the older consoles and titles, however, the Nintendo GameCube is the home console that will forever hold my heart. Maybe it’s down to nostalgia, but I always find myself turning away from more current home consoles and returning to ol’ faithful, my GameCube. And, with titles such as Harvest Moon, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Super Mario Sunshine how could you not?

Enjoy the infographic and let me know YOUR favourite Nintendo home console. 



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