Nintendo Switch: Confirmed Indie (Nindie) Title Lineup

Nintendo via their YouTube channel just released a video showcasing some indie, or as they like to put it ‘Nindie’, titles available to play on the Nintendo Switch come March 3rd.

All indie titles showcased within the video are said to be released this year. However, their official release dates are yet to be confirmed.

Check out the Nintendo Switch’s official indie lineup below

Whether or not you’re a fan of indie games, you cannot deny the quality lineup coming soon to the Nintendo Switch. I for one was happy to see, my personal favourite, Stardew Valley among the confirmed lineup.

Personally, I adore indie titles, as they offer a great escape from often time-demanding mainstream titles, and let us not forget, they are also great fun.

When playing an indie title there is a constant element of surprise, as you never know what to expect. Also, developers working on indie titles have more freedom to explore niche themes and concepts, unlike their mainstream counterparts.

Let me know which indie games are you most looking forward to playing in your Switch?

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Nintendo Switch: My Issues and Concerns

There are now only 5 days to go until the release of Nintendo Switch, and while many are excited about its launch, others are reluctant to get their hands on Nintendo’s newest home hand-held console, and I for one do not blame them for their reluctance.

If you were to ask me if I am excited for the launch of the Nintendo Switch, I’d probably roll my eyes given my love of all things Nintendo is rather obvious. However, those who do not share my affection for the company may be less eager for the Switch’s release come March 3rd.

Reflecting on this sentiment, I often think to myself if I would be excited for the Switch’s release if I possessed no feelings towards Nintendo as a brand or a company, and for that, I am not so sure.

I don’t know about you, but when Nintendo first announced its plans for a new home console entertainment system, I was expecting just that. Instead, we have been given a hybrid console, which clearly prioritises hand-held gaming due to its minuscule internal storage space. Right now, the Nintendo Switch is much more reminiscent of the Wii U or 3DS, than the Wii or GameCube.

Many share my frustrations regarding the Nintendo Switch, and as we get closer to its release date more concerns and issues are coming out the woodworks. Hardware problems and an overall lack of storage space are to name but a few.

I will explore just a few issues with you, as some features or lack thereof are important to be aware of before purchasing a Switch on March 3rd. I by no means am criticising Nintendo or the Nintendo Switch, however, as consumers, we should be able to voice our concerns and disappointments over the products we purchase.

As the Nintendo Switch has not yet been released, I can only judge on the information we already know about the console i.e. price, storage space etc. Issues regarding hardware are not personal experiences, but experiences that have come to public knowledge.

High Costs

It’s no secret that consoles nowadays are expensive. Gaming, once a casual and inexpensive hobby has now become an expensive and often financially demanding activity. And, the Nintendo Switch is no exception.

The Switch is currently priced at around $299 for those living within the United States, which is considerably high when you compare the prices of the Xbox One and PS4 at launch. And, we who live and reside in the UK won’t get it any easier, as we are expected to pay out a hefty £279.99 for the console, paying a total of £40 ($49) more than our American cousins.

Not to mention the launch of The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild takes place on the same day as the console’s, resulting in us incurring even most costs.

Post the console’s release, like all consoles, the Switch’s price will likely decline. However, those unwilling to wait for more ‘reasonable prices’ will undoubtedly feel the burn of initial costs!

Lack of Internal Storage Space

The Switch has a total of 32GB worth of internal storage space. Oh sorry, did I say 32GB? I meant about 26GB when you take into account the console’s operating system and basic applications which require about 6GB of space and counting. 26GB space worth of available storage is a minuscule amount when compared to the amount of space most games on the Switch require.

For example, The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild requires 13.4GB, while Dragon Quest Heroes 2 requires a whopping 32GB worth of storage space! Which is more space than the original console actually has!

We have no choice but to purchase additional storage if we want to play and store most titles on our consoles. Nintendo has a range of microSD cards compatible with the Switch, however, pricing is all dependant on the amount of data you need or want.

Hardware Problems

Those lucky enough to get their hands on the Nintendo Switch early have reported an issue regarding the console’s hardware. The issue surrounds the console’s Joy-Con controllers failing to connect when signals had been compromised. Players often lost control of their characters mid-game because of unexpected signal failures.

Nintendo has announced that they will be fixing any signalling issues as soon as possible, so I doubt it’ll be something we experience during its launch.

Do you have any issues or concerns regarding the Nintendo Switch? If so, let me know. And don’t forget to stay tuned for more posts relating to all things Nintendo!

Top 5: Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games

With only 10 days to go until the official release of Nintendo’s brand new console, the Switch. I believe it is now the right time to discuss some of the most anticipated titles coming to Switch very soon.

I will only be discussing 5 out of 80 (and counting) titles coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2017, that myself and the general public are most anticipating. Therefore, if you do not come across a title that you’re particularly looking forward to, then do not be alarmed, and let me know what game you’re most excited for in the post’s comment box or via my Twitter page.

Let’s commence!

5. I am Setsuna 

Release Date: 3rd March 2017

Publisher: Square Enix

I sneakily added this little gem to the list, despite Splatoon 2’s overwhelming popularity. However, I believe this JRPG deserved a position within the list due to its dynamic storyline, multidimensional characters and nostalgia to JRPGs of old. Although I am Setsuna had been released in 2016 on the PS4, PlayStation Vita and, is now, available via Steam, doesn’t take away the fact that it’s an amazing title.

I am Setsuna is a 2D ‘old style’ JRPG, with a dark and ethically provocative storyline. The game is set within a world harassed by demons, and you, the protagonist, must rid the world of these troublesome creatures, but the only way to do that is through a blood sacrifice. The blood sacrifice of Setsuna herself.

I won’t go into much of the story, for the risk of spoiling it for others. However, if you have previously enjoyed playing titles such as Final Fantasy 9 and Grandia 2, then you’ll certainly love I am Setsuna.  Note: I am Setsuna, similarly to the games listed above, has a turn-based battling system. Allowing for strategic decision making throughout the games (many) enemy confrontations. I know a few people who detest this style of battling, however, this style is expected among older or seemingly ‘old style’ JRPGs.

Note: I am Setsuna has a turn-based battling system, allowing for strategic decision making throughout the games (many) enemy confrontations. I know a few people who detest this style of battling, however, this style is expected among older or seemingly ‘old style’ JRPGs.


4. Xeno Blade Chronicles 2 

Release Date: 2017

Publisher: Nintendo

Xeno Blade Chronicles 2 is the second title of JRPG franchise, Xeno Blade Chronicles.

Much similar to the first title of the series, Xeno Blade Chronicles 2 allows players to explore vast environments. However, Xeno Blade Chronicles 2 is categorised as an open world JRPG, meaning players of the new title get even more freedom to explore whatever and wherever their heart’s content.

The game will consist of a brand new protagonist, not yet met in the previous titles, and your mission (as the protagonist) is to find the world of Elysium. My guess is that on your journey to find Elysium you’ll find new friends, enemies and quests on your way.

Much like the previous titles, Xeno Blade Chronicles 2 looks beautiful. Lush green landscapes, bustling cities and breathtaking skylines are all to be expected within the game.


3. Super Mario Odyssey 

Release Date: Late 2017

Publisher: Nintendo

I for one and so excited for Super Mario Odyssey, as it is almost reminiscent of one of my all time favourite Mario platform titles, Super Mario Sunshine. Like Sunshine, Odyssey has an open world style of gameplay, which gives players the freedom to explore colourful and quirky new lands!

Like Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Odyssey will consist of different lands for players to venture, with one of the most anticipated being ‘New Donk City'(am I the only one who thinks this name sounds a little rude?), ‘New Donk City’ took its inspiration from the Big Apple itself. Seeing short and stumpy Mario among proportionate humans in ‘New Donk City’ will be absolutely hilarious.

Did I mention that Mario’s hat is alive? Yes, you heard me. Mario’s hat can now assist him in reaching higher platforms. Helpful, but with his hat’s new lease of life, does that mean Mario’s hat is now eating him? Scary.


2. Dragon Quest XI

Release Date: JP: 2017, US: TBA, EU: TBA

Publisher: Square Enix

If you read my previous Top 5 list of Nintendo DS games, then you’ll know that I am a huge fan of the Dragon Quest series. Even before the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, Japanese footage of a new Dragon Quest game had been circulating on YouTube, and low and behold it was Dragon Quest XI.

Dragon Quest XI is a 3D RPG, published by Square Enix. Much like the RPG’s listed, Dragon Quest XI has a turn-based battle system.

The premise behind the Dragon Quest series has not really changed much throughout the years. In Dragon Quest XI you play as the protagonist of the story, meeting new party members and helping those in need on the way to eventually battle the biggest and badest boss of the game.

Although the premise of the game sounds rather linear, Square Enix always manages to surprise its players with its unique, emotive and often challenging quest lines. There have been times where I have been choked up with emotions of sadness, anger and even disgust playing games within the Dragon Quest franchise.

What I love about the Dragon Quest franchise is having to ability to use alchemy to create new weapons, items and even protagonist outfits. As well as having more ‘human’ options to sleep at the inn when night comes, visit bars and even gamble at casinos.

The world of Dragon Quest has always been a colourful one, filled with interesting characters, creatures and quests, and Dragon Quest XI will be no exception!


1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Release Date: 3rd March, 2017

Publisher: Nintendo

Anyone who writes a top most anticipated Nintendo Switch title list, and does not include the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, are people that should not be taken seriously!

Rant over. Let us begin.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild begins with our beloved Link waking from a 100-year snooze with whispers saying that he must (again) defeat the notorious Ganondorf.

Again, the premise of the Legend of Zelda franchise has not changed at all, however, I like to think of that the games take place within multiple dimensions, all with their own styles and quirks. However, the major difference between Breath of the Wild compared to the other game titles within the series, such as, Twilight Princess or the Wind Waker, is that the environment in which the game is set is almost entirely interactive. Oh, and did I mention it’s open world?

Players main goal is to stop Ganondorf, however sides quests (which often get you closer to your main goal) are available on the way. Personally, I always got the most enjoyment completing the side quests within the Zelda franchise, as they introduce us to new characters, new items and educate us about the state of the world in which we play within.

The game supports the use of  Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Amiibo figurines. Characters can be used to fight alongside Link when things get a little tough!

I am so excited for its release. Are you?

Let me know which games you’re looking forward to finally playing, and let me know whether or not they are on the list!

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Pokémon GO: My Thoughts and Concerns on Gen 2

New Gen 2 Pokemon were released officially on Friday (Febuary 17th), making today the third day since the release of Gen 2, as well as other exciting features added to the Pokemon Go app.

In my previous Pokemon GO blog, I mentioned the launch of Gen 2 happening within the week. However, that being said, I don’t think anyone expected it to come out so soon! Not that I’m complaining, that is!

After a long hiatus on Pokemon GO, I dusted it off that Friday morning to test out the new features and, of course, bag myself some Gen 2 cuties.

I spent a good few hours that day bagging myself a good amount of Swinubs, Hoothoots and Natus. Just to point out, I cannot be the only one who gets a little giddy seeing silhouettes of new Pokemon, right?

I also managed to hit a number of Pokestops on my journeys to see if I could get my hands on supposedly ‘rare’ evolution items, because who doesn’t want a Steelix?! However, I clearly underestimated Niantic’s use of the word ‘rare’. These evolutions items are almost impossible to find, and after hitting over 50+ Pokestops (don’t judge) they were nowhere to be found…

After 2 days testing out the new features, I think I can provide some solid opinion on how they live up to (my) expectations.


In total 80 new Pokemon were added to the app, so it is safe to assume that this will keep once disinterested players interested. Each individual Pokemon now possess their own ‘unique’ style once encountered.


Before the release of Gen 2, Niantic stated that each individual Pokemon will now possess their own ‘unique’ style once encountered. I can vouch for this statement, as an encounter with an elusive Hoppip left me fuming!  This increase in difficulty when catching Pokemon can be a little annoying when it doesn’t go your way, however, not foreseeing a Pokemon’s encounter style does build up a sense of excitement and anticipation as you’re trying to catch him or her.

Did you hear read that alright? Gendered Pokemon have now been added to the app! I for one am pleased that Niantic has added this feature, as its one step closer to Pokemon breeding, and what is cuter than baby Pokemon? Nothing. It is also nice knowing what gender your Pokemon, caught before the update, are. Right now, I’m rocking with an all-male squad.

Among all this excitement, I do hope Niantic will not forget about Gen 1. I haven’t yet completed my Gen 1 Pokedex, and I am little worried that now, with the release of Gen 2, I won’t get a chance to…


Two new berries were added to the app, to help in the aid of catching Pokemon. The Nanab Berry, and the Pinap Berry (my fave). These two berries have very different effects when used on Pokemon.

The Nanab Berry is somewhat similar to the OG Razz Berry, they both make catching Pokemon easier. However, what makes the Nanab Berry different is that it calms down Pokemon, making them react slower and reducing their evasiveness to thrown Pokeballs.

The Pinap Berry is something that we should have had during Gen 1. Period. When fed to a wild Pokemon who has been successfully captured, it increases the amount of candy gained. Therefore, instead of receiving 3 candies from capturing a Pokemon you (when using a Pinap Berry) will now receive 5! Where was the Pinap Berry a few months ago?!


As mentioned previously, evolution items have been released to the app. There is a total of 5 evolution items to collect to turn your favourite Pokemon into a butt-kicking maniac or just to fill up your Pokedex, I don’t judge.

unnamed (5).jpg

  • The metal coat transforms Onix into Steelix or Scyther into Scizor.
  • The king’s rock transforms Slowpoke into Slowking or Poliwhirl into Politoed.
  • The dragon’s scale transforms Seadra into Kingdra.
  • The sun stone transforms Gloom into Bellossom.
  • The upgrade transforms Porygon into Porygon2.

As you may have noticed all evolution items, for the time being, are for Gen 1 Pokemon only. I have a couple of concerns with this new feature of the app.

  1. The focus on Gen 2 may override the availability of Gen 1 Pokemon, making collecting candies for Gen 1 harder, and in turn, making these evolutions near impossible.
  2. The availability of these evolution items. I spent the last two days scouting 100+ Pokestops for these rare items, but alas, had no luck in actually getting one.


Niantic has added some new trainer customization features to the app. Players now have the choice to change their avatar’s clothing and accessories. Players even have the option to change the colour of items, or even remove them! However, most new features come at a cost.


After browsing through the cash shop the cheapest items I came across were a pair of black framed glasses coming in at 50 Pokecoins, which is pretty pricey considering holding a single gym territory gives only 30 Pokecoins a day. If you were wanting something flashier, you’d be saying farewell to 200+ Pokecoins!


I don’t know about you, but an executive decision to spend 200+ Pokecoins on Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules and Incense makes more sense than on a virtual hat.

Another thing that has been disappointing is that, although we have more freedom to express ourselves through our avatars (although at a price) we are still so limited in what we can customise. I expected to have the option to change our trainer’s hairstyle, at least! As you can sense I am a little a lot disappointed at the new customisation features.

However, I do look forward to seeing what comes next in this update. Stay tuned.

Gotta Catch Em’ All: Gen 2 Pokémon Finally Arriving in Pokémon GO

Niantic (the app’s developers) announced via their official Pokemon GO twitter account, the arrival of 80 new Pokemon coming to the app this week.

The new Gen 2 Pokemon arriving in the app will be those of the Jhoto Region. Pokemon such as Chikorita, Totodile and Poliwhirl will be up for grabs in the coming week.

“Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, and many more Pokémon are nearly here! Starting later this week, you’ll have the opportunity to catch more than 80 Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region in the Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games. We’ve also implemented some new features to enhance your Pokémon GO experience.” – via the Pokemon GO site.

New items such as Nanab and Pinap Berries, used to aid in the catching of tricky Pokemon, will be available to get via Pokestops, as well as specific Pokemon evolution items.

Similarly to the games, some Pokemon will require specific items to evolve. These items will be released aside Gen 2 and, like the new berries will be available via Pokestops.

The highly anticipated announcement came following the app’s disappointing in-game Valentine’s event that increased the likelihood of catching pink Pokemon.

In December of last year, Niantic gave players a taste of Gen 2 with the release of baby Pokemon. The release featured seven new Pokemon, that could only be acquired by hatching eggs.

However, the excitement for the release of baby Pokemon quickly died off upon discovering that swiftly hatching these new baby Pokemon would require in-game purchases of egg incubators. Annoying for trainers who want to catch em’ all.

Niantic has previously hinted at gender specific Pokemon, leaving many to believe that breeding will become a feature the app will soon adopt. However, whether breeding will be added to the app is still up in question.

Many have abandoned the app because of its repetitiveness, therefore this announcement couldn’t have come at a better time. I hope that with the release of Gen 2, Pokemon GO will be revitalised, if not for a moment.

My Top 5: Nintendo DS Games

As promised, I will be annually posting my top favourite Nintendo and compatible game titles for all Nintendo manufactured home and handheld consoles.

In today’s spotlight, we have the Nintendo DS.

The Nintendo DS was officially launched in 2005 for the European market and introduced a new and innovative style of handheld gaming, that did not solely rely on traditional (A and B) button controls found on its predecessor (the GameBoy).

The Nintendo DS uniquely came equipped with dual screens, one for visual and the other for interaction. This particular control style was a modern concept at the time for handheld and portable gaming.

The Nintendo DS quickly became the best selling handheld games console to date, selling a total of 154 million units worldwide.

Today, the Nintendo DS still remains the most successful handheld console, in the terms of overall sales figures. Not only was the Nintendo DS at the time, an innovative and thought-provoking console for the handheld gaming industry, but it also set a valuable foundation for future Nintendo innovations (DS lite, DSi, 3DS).

The Nintendo DS franchise has over 1862 titles and many of them are great and memorable games.

Enjoy my top 5 list of Nintendo DS games. There are many great games on the DS and it was difficult to select only 5 to showcase within my blog. However, the titles featured in the list are games that I not only enjoyed playing, but games that I found myself returning to over and over again.

Let me know your favourite Nintendo DS games and any suggestion as to what I could play next!

5. Drawn to Life


THQ’s Drawn to Life is a 2D platforming game set in a colourful universe cursed by a malevolent darkness. You, the protagonist of the story, are given the burden of relieving the cute little town of its bothersome curse.

What I like about THQ’s Drawn to Life is that gives the player the freedom to create their own protagonist, weapons, vehicles and even platforms by using the stylus to draw. Online stencils help players create whoever and whatever they want as their protagonists.


Want to play as Link? No problem. Princess Peach? Done. Donkey Kong? Fine. You can play as any of your favourite characters or even as yourself if you have the time to draw them, that is.

The freedom to create your own heroes and weapons are not the only great aspects of THQ’s Drawn to Life, its plot, although a little cliche, was actually interesting and a lot of fun to play!

4. Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl


It certainly wouldn’t be a top 5 Nintendo DS games list if I were to exclude a title from the beloved Pokemon franchise, now would it?

Like almost all games from the Pokemon series, in Diamond and Pearl, you begin as a newbie Pokemon trainer who is determined to show the world that you have what it takes to be the very best.


The reason I have chosen Diamond and Pearl as my Pokemon picks for this top 5 Nintendo DS title list, is down to the features the game possessed that were never before seen in any other Pokemon game. Decorative bases, beauty contests and online battling were some new features added to the game.

Not to mention the game featured one of my favourite Gen 4 Pokemon, Torterra!

3. Mystery Detective


Mystery Detective or Touch Detective, as it’s known in the US, is a point and click mystery game for the Nintendo DS.

In the game, you play as wide-eyed female protagonist Mackenzie as she tries to discover who has been stealing her neighbour’s dreams. Sound innocent? Maybe, but I cannot help feel a little uneasy while playing Mystery Detective.


The game’s gothic-esque art style married with its (sometimes) haunting soundtrack can make the overall gaming experience a little eerie. But, who doesn’t love to be creeped out once in a blue moon, right?

Overall, Mystery Detective is a brilliant game. The game’s plot, character development, art style and soundtrack are genius.

That being said, Mystery Detective has to be one of the most underrated Nintendo DS titles ever. Published in Europe by 505 games, Mystery Detective didn’t receive the love it so deserved… And it’s a real shame because it’s a great game.

2. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Dragon Quest IX - Sentinels of the Starry Skies (USA) (En,Fr,Es).jpg

The Dragon Quest franchise is another franchise that will (hopefully) not be going anywhere anytime soon because it’s fantastic, and Dragon Quest IX is no exception.

In Dragon Quest IX players are free to create their very own protagonist, and even create and add party members to assist them in their quests. Players are also able to choose their own protagonist’s and party member’s vocations, where more unique vocation options are also available once unlocked.


The game gives players the opportunity to connect with others via local multiplayer, giving players the option to quest alongside their buddies, which is helpful considering Dragon Quest IX is the most difficult title within the Dragon Quest series.

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies has to be one of my favourite Dragon Quest games EVER. Sticking to the theme of Dragon Quest which we all know and love, the game takes place within a colourful universe, filled with quirky characters. However, players know possess the option to fight bigger and badder villains alongside friends, with hand-made protagonists.

1. Animal Crossing: Wild World


Are you all really that surprised? Animal Crossing: Wild World was the highest selling title in the Animal Crossing franchise, and with good reason too.

I like to describe Animal Crossing as an extreme escape from reality. The feelings that evoke while playing Animal Crossing are those similar to when you’re on a beach during vacation. It’s just relaxing.

The game’s plot is a simple one. Players follow their protagonist as they move from the big city into a remote animal inhabited village. Players must, in a sense, start a new life for their new protagonists.


Players are free to grow trees; make friends with villagers; hunt for fossils; fish; catch bugs; compete in annual events; design clothes; shop for furniture; decorate homes and so on.

What I love about Animal Crossing is that the game syncs to player’s time zones, so when it’s winter in the real world, it’s winter in the game! Townsfolk love to celebrate national holidays like Halloween, Christmas, etc. and players are free to join in with the celebrations whenever they occur.

Animal Crossing: Wild Word, without a doubt, is my favourite game on the Nintendo DS. If you haven’t got around to playing it yet, you really must.


Nintendo Switch: A Home or Portable Console?

Many have been debating the ‘proper’ use of Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Switch. I for one am confused as to which direction Nintendo wishes to take the Switch, and it does seem I am not alone in this sentiment.

Many journalists have been arguing whether or not Nintendo has prioritised the soon-to-be-released Switch as a home or portable gaming system, where some believe the console’s portableness will undermine its home gaming function and vice versa.

Well, TIME published an interview with Nintendo Director Shinya Takahashi and Switch Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi and according to Koizumi, the Switch is a sort of home and portable hybrid gaming system.

Koizumi-san: We’re hoping that Nintendo Switch will be a system that will be the constant in your gaming life. Whereas previously, you would play certain things on your home system and certain things on your handheld. Our hope is that Nintendo Switch can be the system that bridges both of those and becomes the constant system that you’re always using.

Certainly, I’m sure you’re very busy and I’m very busy and maybe we don’t have as much time to play games as we would like. But my hope is that with Nintendo Switch being a system that you can play at home and bring with you, we’re going to be able to find more of those moments where we’re able to play the games that we all enjoy and be able to enjoy them that much more.

Debate settled. The Nintendo Switch is both a home and portable gaming system.

The Japanese love for hand-held game consoles is no joke, and with Japan being a transport heaving society portable consoles are a preferred choice. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Nintendo (a Japanese company) wanted to incorporate this feature into the Switch.

It may be a hard concept to get your head around, but it is by no means the first time Nintendo’s innovation has led them to experiment this concept of home and portable gaming fusion. May I remind you of Nintendo’s Wii U?


Let us all give the Wii U a moment of time to mourn its untimely death. With only 15m units sold word wide the Wii U had no chance following in its predecessor’s (Nintendo Wii) footsteps and has since been discontinued.

Nintendo is hoping that the Switch can prevail where the Wii U failed by bridging the gap between home and portable gaming.

Nintendo must be stern believers of the cliche: if it doesn’t work out the first time, then try try try again. However, some more pessimistic may say: if it doesn’t work the first time, it won’t work the second nor third!

But, I for one am rooting for the success of the Switch and will have my money at the ready come March 3rd.